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Auto Update: 1.2.xx

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Developer: FullApps, Monomyto Game

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About Gunstars Battle Arena Shooter:

Gunstars is a thrilling mobile multiplayer shooting game where you can battle solo or team up with friends in epic arenas with up to 24 players. Its innovative gameplay offers a quick learning curve and high skill level.

Experience fast-paced battles in this free-to-play third-person shooter. Join competitive teams for exclusive rewards, engage with the community, and enjoy a true free-to-play economy with Blockchain technology.

Exciting new game modes like "Rush Mode" and "Deathmatch" add tactical twists to the action. Earn real rewards by purchasing exclusive collectibles and unlock new items for free as you develop your skills.

Get ready for the first season of Gunstars Battles with exclusive clothing and collectibles. Customize your characters, explore themed arenas, and compete for top ranks in daily quests and leaderboards.

Gunstars Battle Arena offers a fresh twist on the Battle Royale genre by prioritizing defeating opponents over capturing points, setting it apart from traditional games in this genre. Additionally, it features highly customizable characters and visually impressive maps.

Gunstars Battle Arena Shooter Mod Features:

The mod APK for Gunstars offers numerous benefits, granting players the ability to reach maximum level, execute one-hit shots, unlock various emotes, weapons, and free legendary skins as well as over 100 other skins, and access unlimited money, gems, and cash. Additionally, anticipate the global launch of Gunstars with exciting updates on the horizon, introducing new legends, skins, arenas, game modes, and customizations. Furthermore, the game boasts hyper-customizable characters, providing players with solo or duo combat options, three stunning themed arenas, and a diverse array of store items available for purchase using G-bucks and free gems daily. Engage in competition to climb the ranks, complete daily quests for special rewards, show support for favorite content creators using Creator IDs, and monitor in-game rankings through regional and global leaderboards.

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